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Name:Eden Llyx
Location:Daybreak Town

Far away, there is a world of fairytales.
A world filled with light.
So long as it endured, it was believed that the light would shine eternally.

But a bright light casts a dark shadow.

Eden is lanky, scruffy, awkward seventeen year old boy and the newest Keybearer of the Leopardos Union, one of five operating out of Daybreak Town, a large and pleasant town from which the Keyblade Unions seek out the light scattered throughout other worlds to fend off the tide of darkness. While all of the Unions are theoretically working towards the same goal, competition is fierce, and there are even rumours that one of the five Unions has betrayed the others.

Eden's a competent keyblade wielder, keen to learn, and eager to please his familiar, Chirithy, but his keyblade is an incomplete, flawed manifestation, and must be enhanced with the use of fragments of power eked out from other worlds and times and trapped within cards. The Foretellers refer to these cards as 'pieces of the future' - power borrowed from the heroes, villains and worlds of the distant future to save the past.

Like the other six youths in his year of the union, Eden isn't certain where he's from, or what he was doing before he came to Daybreak Town. Actually, the question almost never occurs to him. But he knows what he's task is, and that's the important thing, right? Besides, if he gets off task, Chirithy will be sure to set him right again.

Stuff and Also Things.

As mentioned before, Eden is a scruffy, lanky seventeen year old. He'll usually be dressed in modern clothes in shades of black, grey and yellow - the colours of Leopardos. He also has a silver pendant of a heart turning into a cross, usually tied around his left wrist. He'll sometimes, but not always, have his keyblade on him: It's shaped like a giant stylised skeleton key of about three and a half feet in length.

There are two things he'll always be carrying on his person: One is a small leather-bound book with the winged heart-cross symbol of the Unions on the front in silver, hanging from a chain looped around his belt. This is his Text, a terminal that can be used to access the Ursus Foretellers' Text - or at least the parts of it that have been made available. The other is a deck of cards, held in a leather cardholder and attached to his belt on the same side as his Text. It has nine cards in it in total.

To those with the magical or technological abilities to detect such things, Eden does not read as an actual person, or even something that should exist: He feels more like the absence of a person, a gnawing dead spot in the fabric of reality. His mind cannot be read by telepaths, and he gives off no emotions for empaths to read. Characters with exceptional hearing will note that he lacks a heartbeat (although since he still has blood circulating through arteries, he does have a pulse).

Eden/Leopardos Keybearer is from Kingdom Hearts Chi, and is the property of name of Square-Enix and Disney. They appear here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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